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Errata“From Galileo to Boltzmann” (2016)
by Rodrio / Rodrigo Fernós

You will find below various corrections or amendments to the original text.

P. 117, last paragraph. “24 years” should read “22 years”.

corrected version:
“instead of the expected 22 years, it took Saturn”

P. 145, next to last paragraph. “pituitary gland” should read “pineal gland”.

corrected version:
Descartes’s shallow proposal of the ‘pineal gland’ as the seat of the mind was a weak and ad hoc attempt…

P. 181, 2nd paragraph. “to be” should read “to have been”.

corrected version:
His main source of income appears to have been what today we would call civil engineering.

P. 249, 4th paragraph. “patter” should read “pattern”.

corrected version:
It is Rosalind Franklin’s DNA crystallographic data evidencing its helical pattern that was stolen by Watson.

P. 251, 2nd paragraph. “by” should be replaced with “after”.

corrected version:
James Chadwick, who had been influenced to enter physics after seeing a public lecture by Rutherford…

P. 253, 4th paragraph. add “that a”

corrected version:
By January 1939, nearly all active physicists knew of Meitner’s and Hahn’s discovery, suggesting that a huge amount of untapped energy was stored within the atom.

P. 265, 2nd paragraph. “United States patent system” should read “German patent system”.

corrected version:
Again, the German patent system had been too ambiguously established, and at the time the United States had not yet successfully deciphered their chemistry.

P. 285, 6th paragraph. Remove “However

corrected version:
It is clear that the most obvious change in the historical nature of scientific obstacles occurs in the abuse of institutional or state power.

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